Teaching Reflection: Week 13

I need to detach myself from the weight of testing and quantitative data.

I have 2 purposes (for myself) as a teacher. They are coexistent but don’t have to relate to each other–

  1. Engage my students in critically analyzing their world.
  2. Develop their French proficiency according to standards set by the county.

The second is *secondary* and while it is important, I need to work on stressing myself over it less. For my personal sanity, I cannot invest so much into a purpose I don’t believe in.

Outside of my issues with teaching a colonial language, language learning is a natural and cultural process. It shouldn’t be packaged and commodified to demonstrate intelligence/value. And that’s exactly what our education system does.

I don’t have a choice in my being inside of this system. But I can continue to work to distance myself from it, and towards one that does not seek to crush me or my students.

I can choose to not willingly take oppression home with me.

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