Teaching Reflection: Week 10

  1. Testing: Got the results from my 8th graders Quarterly Assessment: 77% average! And they did a lot better than I thought they would on their last speaking quiz. One student who I’ve been unsure about even got 100%! I let his parents know, and they replied back with the most wonderful message encouraging me to keep working with him. 💙
  2. Differentiation: Going into Quarter 2, my goal is to work on differentiation. It’s def a *buzz word* that gets thrown around lightly, but I do want to tailor my lessons now that I know my students better. Not just culturally and learning-style wise, but also for my students who are chronically absent or have trouble doing work at home.
  3. Student development: I’m also trying to figure out how to give my students access and opportunities that more privileged students/schools easily have at their disposal. One of my students wants to be a lawyer, so I’m looking for opportunities for him that also are accessible in terms of money and transportation. If anyone has any resources in the Anne Arundel/Baltimore area (maybe DC?), let me know!

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