Teaching Reflection: Week 8

I love the relationships I’m building with my students. They seem to be trusting me more and more, as I get to know their quirks and moods better. I’m getting better at working with them through their frustrations when the work we do in class is difficult. I got told by one student that I give the most work in class and another told me I have a reputation as a “cool’ teacher (which I may have lost by admitting I own an Android). All on the same day! Continue reading

Teaching Reflection: Week 7


  1. Goals: Next year, I want to start a creative writing club. I want to start a LGBTQ+ club. I want to start a black liberation club. So, you know, realistic goals 🙃
  2. Black students & teachers: I made a list of missing/incomplete assignments for my second period class because as a group they need more attention than I can give them in 50 mins a day. I sent the lists home to their parents as well and got so much positive response from those parents! I ruined a few weekends and they’ll def be mad at me come Monday 🤣The class is also the one with the most Black students. I just keep thinking about all the research I read on how Black teachers tend to have higher expectations for Black students and how Black students tend to do better when they have teachers who look like them. I’m happy to be living that reality, even if it means they’ll be mad at me for a few days.

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