Final Teaching Reflection

It’s the last day of school. I sent my students videos as a goodbye, making sure to place my bi pride flag and women of Wakanda poster in the background. Even though I won’t be going back to that school, I wanted to remind my students what I stand for–inside and outside of the classroom.

At this moment, I don’t have much positive to say about the education system. I’ve felt isolated and crushed over the past year as a teacher trying to connect my students to the land they live on, the places they come from, and what the world could be. I’ve been fighting a system of erasure at every step, and I’ve felt it. I believe in education as a tool now more than ever. But my hope in reform for education–as low as it was before–has all but vanished.

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Why Research?

Graduate school is a journey. Ask anyone, and they’ll tell you doing your own research and navigating academia is a marathon with all the obstacles you could think of, and even more that you could never conceptualize. Many times, the biggest obstacle you face is yourself.

I once dreamed about when I would be able to collect data. Fortunately, I have now reached that point. While I’m thankful, I’ve also found myself in front of another wall created by my own mind:

Why does my little study matter?

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