Teaching Reflection: Week 12

  1. Responsive pedagogy: The kids love anime/manga. I knew this, and made a conversation assignment using a manga strip. My 6th graders FLIPPED OUT. Adorable and hopefully will help them actually do their homework.
  2. Teacher identity: I’ve gotten the attention of a random 6th grade Caps fan after he noticed my Flyers gear in the hall. I learned that his middle name is Gretzky while he showed me his Gretzky hockey card and told me about his dad’s collection and his Jari Kurri card when he was definitely already late to class 🤣
  3. Queer teacher identity: I’m beginning to suspect I’ve become the *queer* teacher to the queer kids after I knocked over my very gay hydroflask and one of my (suspected) queer students yelled, “Not the sacred bottle!”

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Teaching Reflection: Week 11

    1. Decolonial pedagogy: We’ve been talking about Canadian residential schools in my 8th grade classes and the students have been a lot more interested and reactionary than I thought they would. Curiosity, anger, questions about whether it happened in the U.S. Assimilation and contemporary connections to immigration. This all engaged students who I never would’ve thought would care.
    2. Pre-made second language critical lesson plans: SO THANKFUL to all the people who have created critical lesson plans (especially the ones I found in French). Lesson-planning is already so much work. So those who are doing that critical work–especially in languages other than English–PLEASE KEEP DOING IT (and make your materials accessible online). I want to at some point put my own lessons online, after I have time to revise them and provide detailed instructions.

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Teaching Reflection: Week 9

Just highlights, as my more complex/critical thoughts have been elsewhere…

  1. Differentiated study reviews: Successful group reviews for the Quarterly Assessment! Haven’t looked to see the results yet, so we’ll see.
  2. Community/relationship building: Positive interactions with parents! I’ve reached out to the all the parents of my 2 classes that are struggling the most, and initially got a lot of messages thanking me for helping their kids. Also have maintained updated with a couple of parents!
  3. Queerness in middle school: Overheard a student explaining what a “stud” is to her friends during our Halloween party 🤣 Middle school drama is still petty and terrible, but it made my heart happy to hear about kids being out and dating and being talked about as just regular people!
  4. Queerness in middle school: Giant rainbow fan as part of one of my student’s costumes! I DIED 🏳️‍🌈
  5. Cultural exposure: Giving macarons out during the Halloween party to my 7th graders! I’ve overheard them pointing at pictures of macarons in my classroom and saying they’ve never had one and wanted to try. One kid took a picture he was so excited! Also brought in some brioche, which a girl asked to take a little bit home of. 🥖🥐